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Index of RebornBuddy Addons

Curated by Freiheit Last update: 2018-10-16

The following index provides a list of working components. It is obviously not complete nor perfect, but then again what is except Cornetto?



This list does not necessarily link to the original author’s Github repository but the working and/or preferred one (i.e. there are multiple different ExBuddy forks, the one linked to in this document is by Entrax instead of ExMatt’s original).

Since the repositories should be forks of the original, you can easily navigate to the author’s repository from there.

Do you have comments? Missing something? Reach out to me on my Discord server!

Lifetime Keys got invalidated

Bossland invalidated all existing lifetime keys without prior notice. If you are thinking about renewing your keys or buying into RebornBuddy, make sure you keep this fact in mind.

RebornBuddy Download

You can always grab the latest stable version directly via Buddyauth. If you need the unstable beta version, the latest version can be downloaded from here.

Combat Routines (Free & Paid)

Name Developer Description Active Free Github Support Shop
Kefka Omninewb An all-in-one, modular combat routine. ✅*1 Link Rocket -
Kupo mastahg The default combat routine shipping with RebornBuddy. - - -
Magitek Exmortem An all-in-one combat routine. ❌*2,3 - Discord Link
Shinra Auk A new and upcoming combat routine. ✅*1 Link Discord -

*1: Maintenance only, no rotation updates.

*2: One-time purchase.

*3: Contact Exmortem via Discord for purchase details.

Botbases (Free & Paid)

Name Developer Description Active Free Github Support Shop
Arcade Exmortem MGP farming botbase that plays the old Gold Saucer minigames. ✅*5 ❌*2 - Discord Link
Artemis sodimm Automated hunt bill botbase Link Discord -
ATB Omninewb A combat-assist botbase with plenty of quality of life features. ✅*5 Link Rocket -
Crawler Wheredidigo A simple combat-assist botbase with focus on performance. ❌*4 - Discord Link
DeepDive zzi An advanced botbase that will run Palace of the Dead either solo or in a party. Link Discord -
Dungeon Master zzi Botbase that will run dungeons based on pre-made or user-made scripts. ❌*3 - Discord Link
Eureka Master zzi A botbase to ease the relic grind for Stormblood’s Eureka. ❌*2 - Discord Link
ExFateBot ExMatt Alternative FateBot botbase with support for ExBuddy’s flight navigator. ❌*1 Link - -
Kombatant Freiheit An advanced combat-assist botbase with tons of features. Link Discord -
Lisbeth Saga Advanced crafting botbase ❌*3 - Discord Link
Mud Assist blasthoss, spearmint A combat-assist botbase with some unique party features. Link Discord -

*1: Modified to work with the new version of RebornBuddy, but no active development.

*2: One-time purchase.

*3: Subscription-based.

*4: One-time purchase per expansion.

*4: No new purchases possible.

*5: Maintenance releases only.

Plugins (Free & Paid)

Name Developer Description Active Free Github Support Shop
Agil Saga Can perform self-repairs, seek out menders, auto-equip and spiritbond equipment. ❌*1 - Discord Link
Boko Omninewb Summons your chocobo companion and switches between configured stances. Link Rocket -
CarbuncleTech Freiheit Collection of plugins and botbehaviors. Link Discord -
Combat Switcher zzi Adds a convenient button to RebornBuddy to switch combat-routines. - Discord -
Cyril sodimm Performs self-repairs on equipment. Link Discord -
Destiny Wheredidigo FATE Bot augmentation that adds patrols, automatic teleporting and leveling options. 🔶*3 ❌*4 - Discord Link
ExBuddy ExMatt, Entrax, zzi Suite of useful tools, including a flight navigator and tons of Orderbot tags. Link - -
LeveGen zzi Generates tradecraft Orderbot profiles to accept and turn-in levequests to powerlevel crafters. Link Discord -
Mew Entrax The last word in collectible gathering. Can automatically gather from timed nodes and turn-in the spoils. ❌*2 - Discord Link
RB3DOverlayed Freiheit A hunt-oriented radar mod of RebornBuddy’s 3d Overlay. Link Discord -
RebornBuddy 3D Overlay zzi A 3d Overlay showing all entities in the vicinity. Link - -
SideStep zzi Avoidance plugin, will automatically try to evade telegraphed attacks. Link Discord -
Sparrow sodimm Summons your chocobo and switches between configured stances. Link Discord -
Switcharoo Omninewb Automatically chooses a new combat routine upon job change. This gets rid of the selector window. Link Rocket -
Quack! Exmortem Automatically log out of the game after a set period of time. Link - -

*1: Subscription-based.

*2: One-time purchase.

*3: Currently undergoing redevelopment.

*4: One-time purchase for each expansion.

Orderbot Profiles (Free)

Description Developer Active Github Support
Beast tribe, Stormblood main story & Aether current Orderbot profiles sodimm, Tuck Me Into Bread Link Discord
y2krazy’s numerous Orderbot profiles for the ARR main story, Heavensward main story, Stormblood main story, class and job quests as well as other goodies such as seasonal profiles. y2krazy Link -

Levequest Guides

To powerlevel crafting professions, I highly recommend working down the crafting log until the job is around level 15-20.

After that, the following guides plus zzi’s LeveGen plugin will turbo boost your progress.

Levels 1-60 Levels 60-70
Levels 1-60 Levels 60-70